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THE REDEEMER©              The Magazine for Thinking Christians.

All articles are written and edited in part or whole by:

Dr. Otis T. Williams Sr. Th. D.





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As one reads through this magazine they will find that the articles written herein are not articles from the traditional view point of certain Christians nor from the traditional viewpoint of what I was taught to believe in my early days of affiliation with the Baptist Church system. However, the view point of these articles are widely accepted and recognized by many Christians around the world. The concept is growing while becoming popular with the up and coming generations that has been stagnated by the traditional church system.  To those that are steeped in traditional Christians views I wish you would read these articles with an open mind and heart.

Dr. Otis T. Williams Sr. Th.D Editor/Publisher

Dr. Otis T. Williams Sr. is the Chief-Editor and Publisher of THE REDEEMER© magazine since 2001. He is an author, a teacher & avid student of covenant eschatology, radio/T.V. guest, Christian motivational speaker, teacher of New Covenant theology. Also the writer of hundreds of Christian articles.


Most subject matters contained within this magazine are matters related to the coming(presently here) and establishing of the New Covenant. This magazine takes a look at how the New Covenant came about. Although the church today is not binding to the Covenant that Jesus gave his life to establish. The New Covenant is indeed the covenant that God gave us establishing better promies. Below is a short list of things the New Covenant frees us from................................
The New Covenant frees us from:
*The Curse of the Tithe
*The thing called Satan; the Devil; the Serpent; the Dragon.
*The pomp and pageantry of Sunday Church services.
*Looking for the future bodily return of Christ.
The majority of things that the New Covenant frees us from are the very things that are worshipped and given much attention to by the modern church. Why can't the church move on from the things of the Old Covenant and move on to perfection?
1.Therefore leaving the principals of the doctrine of Christ, let us go on unto perfection;............ Hebrews 6:1
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